Volunteer Opportunities

Primary: Heads the coordinating team at his or her congregation, acts as liaison between the congregation and Family Promise staff, and trains congregation volunteers.

Assistant Coordinators most often include:

     Meal Coordinator (recruits meals preparers and ensures that meals are well balanced and are not duplicated)

     Evening / Overnight Coordinator (Schedules evening and overnight volunteers to include at least two people at all times; one male and one female when possible), ​ISE staff, and trains congregation volunteers.

Team of Coordinators

Dinner Preparers: Provide well balanced meals for guests and volunteers. This is a great opportunity for congregational groups. 

Dinner Hosts:  May be a part of the preparation team or may arrive to eat with the guests. 

​Evening Hosts: assist with after dinner activities, socialize with guest families, and assure that all other needs are met.

​Laundry: Volunteers launder used towels and sheets supplies by the host facility. May be part of the take-down crew responsibilities. 

​Overnight Volunteers: Exercise your talent of sleeping and stay overnight with our families from approximately 8:30pm-7am.

​​Set-up / Take-down: Volunteer teams set-up guest accommodations on Sunday afternoon and help restore the rooms before church the following Sunday.

​Supplies: Purchase or coordinate the donation of food staples, paper products, cleaning supplies, and other needed items for the host week.

​Transportation: Assist guest families to and from the host site.

If your congregation is interested in hosting or would like to help but does not have the space or volunteer base to host, there are other ways that your congregation can help. 

​Financial support - donations are vital to keeping our ministry strong.

Supply Drives - Collect essential items that are needed for daily use.

Partner with a host congregation to provide volunteers during a host week by committing to providing meals, evening host, or overnight volunteers each time the congregation they are paired with hosts. 

Host congregations are the foundation of the Interfaith Hospitality Network Program. Congregation volunteers provide homeless families with evening meals and overnight accommodations and offer the hospitality, the caring, and the compassionate assistance that characterize the network. Hosting occurs for a week at a time, three or four times a year on a rotational basis. To be a host congregation, your building must have 4 rooms that can be turned into bedrooms for the families, a room or two for the volunteer overnight hosts to sleep, a common area for families and volunteers to congregate, and kitchen facilities. Showers are NOT required. The rotation of host congregations is set in August for the following calendar year, so there may be a waiting period before your congregation can be plugged in. In the mean time, partnering with an existing host congregation can be a great way to get involved and get up to speed in how the program works. See below for examples of volunteer opportunities at a host congregation.

Support Congregations

Host Congregations

Host/Support Congregations