Fourteen York County congregations utilize classrooms and other facilities to offer homeless families with minor children overnight shelter, meals, and hospitality.  Each congregation hosts the guest families for a week at a time, about four times a year, on a rotating schedule. Seven other congregations assist the hosts by providing volunteer services. Family Promise of York County is able to serve up to 4 families at a time in this program and provides a unique and valuable service to the area by accepting one and two parent families. Unlike other programs serving the homeless, fathers and teen aged boys are able to remain with their families. Pregnant women also qualify as a family unit. 
Rapid Re-Housing is Family Promise's newest initiative.  This program is designed to move families into permanent housing without waiting in the shelter to save up money for housing deposits.  This program is largely grant funded and allows us to assist our families with funds for permanent housing related expenses such as rental and utility deposits. To qualify for this program families must be guests in a Family Promise shelter and in good standing with that program. 
​They must also have adequate income to support permanent housing.   

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Our family center is not only where our offices are but also where our families in the IHN program call home. IHN families are able to utilize the family center facilities when they are not at the host congregations. These facilities include a full kitchen, laundry facilities, showers, guest storage, play rooms, computer/work area, and living room.  The Family Center is also where all of our shelter guests along with after care families receive intensive case management services.  These services include a variety of life skills training such as budgeting, goal planning, problem solving, and access community resources. All families are required to participate in an intensive job search and comply with their financial management plan. These skills are what leads our families to regaining and maintaining self-sufficiency and independence.  
The Fresh Start program was started as a collaboration with the City of Rock 
Hill to house families that would otherwise need to split up to receive shelter. 
A duplex apartment was provided by the City that can house two families.  
This could be a couple or family with adult children. Occasionally we are able to transition a family from the IHN program or help a family with circumstances
​that do not enable them to participate in the church rotation.

Fresh Start

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Rapid Re-Housing